Sit-ins, sit-downs, lock-outs and all with mushy peas and sherry to go - these are the previously untold tales of Keele's protest years.

The 70's Keele protests and the end of LSD
by Stephen Brooks

Following on from previous articles, Students' Union Treasurer 1970/71, Stephen Brooks continues the story of Keele's protest years

Noise, Nudity and Arson - Freakish Tales From The Acid Head Era
(or how I learned to stop worrying and love the bong)
by 'Eric Kalmanov'

'Eric' drops his acid and makes time to write this brilliant article, about the revolutionary "g-g-generation" of 1968 - 70.

The Sherry Revolution
by Malcolm Clarke (From "Evening Sentinel" article published in July 1998)

Interesting article on direct action taken by Keele students of 1968 against college authorities, when students stormed and occupied the University Registry. Thanks Malcolm.

Just Sit Down

Revolutionary gossip about Keele's various sit-ins

The Keele Free Republic(1)

Various ex-Keele students reminiscences about attempts to declare Keele a Free Republic

The Keele Free Republic(2)
by David Williams

Excellent article about one particular Declaration of Independence

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