The aim is to provide an archive of Keele's more interesting events and characters. From sit-ins to chip van riots, underground tunnels to 'shit lectures' and the famous Nello the Clown, amongst many other of Keele's characters.

Tales From The Barricades
Sit-ins, sit-downs, lock-outs and all with mushy peas and sherry to go - these are the previously untold tales of Keele's protest years.

Keele 'Kharacters'
They made you laugh, they made you cry and they made you buy them a bag of chips on a Friday night - here's the lowdown on some of Keele's 'Personalities'
including such luminaries as Neil Baldwin and Princess Margaret.

Going For A Song
The sights, the sounds and indeed the smells of Keele's musical past captured here-
what music do you remember as the SHAG climaxed at the end of the evening, which famous bands played at Keele and much, much more....

It Happened One Dark Night...
All the events and mysteries of Keele which don't fit any other category. Including the Keele tunnels, 'The Flame' and other such items.

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