Well they say no news is good news - in which case this site must be very good as no news for 4 years!

This site is getting a little old ( just like me! ) and my free time is so short. Not like the days when I was a student - oh how I miss the free time I had then!

However still gets around 300 visitors a month - not bad for a site that's not been updated in 4 years!

If any one does still visit here do let me know - go to the links page and click the link for Holiday Bookings Online Ltd - that's my business site - there's a form on their to contact me.

Or maybe someone remembers me - Paul Wilton - History/Politics 1991 - 1994 - 3 eyes, a hunched back and wooden leg - well I guess I'm fairly forgettable. Again go to the Links Page and click the link to my business venture - there's a contact form on my business site that'll go direct to me.

Moved the site to another server - this time paid for commercial hosting. Fixed the errors and broken links - hopefully things should work much better now. Removed the Where Are They Now, this is redundant with sites like Friends Reunited doing such a good job. Will happily re-instate it if anyone asks.

Hope that people are still finding the articles of interest - any new articles gratefully received.

The site has been moved server again due to my aged server getting more and more unreliable. Unfortunately I don't these days have the time to spend the weeks needed to maintain the site. Sorry for any errors or missing links. If you notice anything show stopping let me know and I'll try and fit it into my busy schedule.

I had considered closing the site down but it does still seem to get the occasional visitor so I've got all the basics working, in particular the "Where Are They Now" and articles.

Well the latest news is the total redesign of this web site. All of the pages have now been re-written and the old site is dead except for those of you with older or more unusual browsers in which case you get to see a nice plain text version.

I'm planning on adding some new articles in the next few weeks - if any one has ideas for articles or wishes to submit their memories of Keele them please contact me.

Also with all the changes there may be a few broken links or pages that don't work or look right, let me know if you spot any problems or if you like/hate the new design. So far its taken more than a week of solid work to make the changes.

If you are taken with a strange desire to find out about me and this website's history click here.


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